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Through her hands, physical vectors that are directly linked to the heart chakra, the energy centre for healing, Vinida offers more than the facial care: the real vibrational rebalance of the triad - the body – mind – soul - that makes us what we are.

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The Cellular Facial

Vinida Savant   | Holistic Facialist |

Vinida considers skin as a fabric on which our emotions, our thoughts, but also our transgenerational memories as well as our karmic structures are entered. Her hands contain the energy she has managed to channel, and her gift is to return the inner light of every person so that the face can radiate it as a result of activating the cells. In this way the skin regains its density, the facial lines are smoother, its structure is harmonious and aligned. Vinida offers a conscious approach to the beauty that accepts the signs of the time and does not go against nature, but on the contrary.  

She proposes a unique and tailored cellular approach based on the skin instant and considering the aggressions that the epidermis undergoes on a daily basis (free radicals, heavy metals, pollution, stress, lunar cycles, hormonal changes …)

All the skincare treatment begins with a gentle and slightly exfoliation for the elimination of the dead cells, for a better permeability of the active ingredients, while preserving the lipid barrier. Vinida then treats the five key factors of the skin: the stratum corneum, pH, NMF, lipids and free radicals, in order to obtain an epidermis in harmony in the cellular material.


| Soin 60 minutes |

"Stoned on Shiva"

A reconnection to the inner self out of time and space, specifying itself mainly on a precise manual technique, detailed and subtle, this treatment will allow an awareness of your own cells.


| Soin 90 minutes |

"May the light in Me"

A manual technique to prepare your skin by using your inner light also combining a method powered by electro-stimulation. Remodeling Face® by Biologique Recherche can be used to deeply treat, by resonance action, muscle and tissue fibers while respecting the sensitivity of your skin.

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Biologique Recherche

"Building a better skin" Yvan Allouche, fondateur

The meeting of Biologique Recherche and Vinida is not a coincidence.

The painter has his own inspiration and the colors he chooses give life to his work.

The product selection from Biologique Recherche is meticulously chosen by Vinida, the products are from botanical extraction containing no chemical agents (neither perfume, nor dye nor modified texture). They are made from the same base composed of 23% of plant extracts, a very high concentration of active ingredients to which organic elements are added.

Biologique Recherche offers real expression instruments that have elevated Vinida's personality and experience. May the quintessence of years of passion, work and research pay tribute to the beauty that Vinida defends so much with faith.

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Sat Nam Montmartre

The place

Sat Nam Montmartre is not a classic Paris yoga centre. It is a house / studio within a private villa dating back to the 19th century (1835), situated in a secret alley at the foot of the village of Montmartre. Tucked away from the crowd of the streets of Marche Lepic and Abbesses, a 40-meter-long blind street leads to an old castle protected by a toothed tower. In this sacred space, we respect the silence and privacy of the inhabitants, who are all extremely attached to this gem.

Once you enter the wooden entrance door decorated with neo-gothic sculptures, well kept on both sides by a salamander and a small moon snail, climb a magnificent wooden staircase, and you only need to open the small door to enter the sanctuary of light. on 130 square meters, reinforced with 3.50 meters high ceilings, the area is divided into the yoga area of 70 square meters, which is not like any other, decorated with frescoes, sculptures and a fireplace-altar from the 15th century; a kitchen designed as a family place where you can stay and enjoy gourmet tea; a library corner with many books on spirituality, yoga, religions, sexuality, tantra and psychology, as well as a bathroom dedicated to the Doterra essential oils, which makes it even more qualitative in terms of aromatherapy.

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About Vinida

Thanks to her South Asian origin, Vinida has been bathed in holistic culture from her earliest youth. As a therapist specialized in facial treatment, with twelve years of experience for Biologique Recherche, Vinida has started her practice under the watchful eye of Mrs. Allouche, the founder of this prestigious French brand. She continued her education in beauty treatments with international training in New York, Los Angeles and Dubai, where she has been introduced to the applied science to understand how our cells work.
Vinida’s magic hands contain a healing energy that not only works on the skin to regain its glow and density, but also at the cellular level to allow every person to radiate the inner light.

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“My role is to support every expression that we draw on our face in accordance with what our everyday life offers to us”

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Sat Nam Montmartre

7 Impasse Marie Blanche

75018 Paris

code de la grille 4893

interphone Satnam Montmartre

porte face à la grille

sonnez à nouveau

1er étage droite

[+33] 652479614

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